Our Vision

Key message

It is astonishing that – even when the same ingredients are used – the recipes for seasoning can differ so enormously between countries and regions.

In order to enjoy food, we must add our own special ‘seasoning’ to it; I believe this custom is unique to the human race, and it is a part of our culture that we must carefully preserve and nurture.

In line with this philosophy, our company, Banjo Foods, has developed and manufactured a variety of spices and seasonings, which represent our contribution to food culture.

Our products have been created to assist our customers to easily achieve more enjoyable and healthy eating habits. However, rather than just simply enhancing the flavor of their food, we would also like to recommend to our customers new ways of preparing dishes.

Despite our company’s relatively small size, Banjo Foods is very positive in its intent to continue to forge new culinary paths, one step at a time.