Product info

Product info

Banjo Foods offers basic spices such as wasabi and ginger, as well as Kabayaki BBQ sauce, dressing, Ponzu dressing, and other sauces. We also provide detailed information on each of our products, such as ingredients, nutritional facts, and allergen data.

Status Shelf-stable Shelf-stable Shelf-stable
Description Wasabi dressing 170ml Sesame wasabi dressing 170ml Umashio dressing 170ml
Ideal for Salad, carpaccio and meat dishes. Salad, carpaccio and meat dishes. Pasta, salad, carpaccio and meat dishes.
Detail Soy-based Japanese dressing with sharply pungent Hon Wasabi from Shizuoka. Sesame-based dressing with sharply pungent Hon Wasabi from Izu, and a creamy texture. Dressing with Seto Inland Sea mild seaweed salt, garlic, and a dash of sesame.
Status Shelf-stable Frozen Shelf-stable
Description Grilled eel sauce 100g Chopped wasabi stalk 80g Grated wasabi (tube) 45g
Ideal for Grilled eel rice bowl and sushi. Sushi and meat dishes. Sashimi, sushi, and grilled eel.
Detail The sweet and savory flavors of this sauce penetrate deep into the eel or fish fillet. 100% Hon Wasabi from Shizuoka with the crisp texture of wasabi stem, and a fresh flavor. The blend of fresh-scented Hon Wasabi and pungent horseradish results in a fresh flavor.

You can use these condiments in various kind of dishes

  • Sushi


  • Carpaccio


  • Shabu Shabu


  • Soba noodles

    Soba noodles

  • Beef steak

    Beef steak

  • Grilled eel rice bowl

    Grilled eel rice bowl